Apartments 4th Street Louisville KY

The EDGE on 4th Street Live! is a dream realized, for the urbanite who cannot stick to one apartment or home. This building is at the close grab of feisty and electric entertainment scenes. The active town life will you if you need to experience city life in its full bloom.

Apart from the bouncy enthusiasms, The EDGE has an edgy and modern design that fits the executive looking for a clean room, or anyone with exquisite taste in architecture. Fourth Street is a highpoint of Louisville; hence, you will have a holistic living experience if you choose to wander outside the local entertainment scene.

What you will get living in apartments on 4th Street in Louisville KY

  • The latest modern designs befitting of a Pinterest slideshow
  • An array of floor plans with varied room numbers
  • The nightlife force of Fourth Street with VIP club entrances and cowboy-themed setups
  • Diversified entertainment with quick access to eateries, nightlife spots, and historical centers and trail locations. Some famous places include the Pizza Bar, Hard Rock café, Fudgery, TGI Friday, Smokehouse and Guy Fieri.
  • A universal gym facility in the building
  • A common relaxation spot in the open air
  • Exquisite patios with a panoramic view of Fourth Street
  • A common laundry room
  • A shared dining area of the building
  • Jazzy places with piano bars and instrumental entertainment
  • Continuous hosting of hearty concerts and festivals

There is something for everyone on Fourth Street. A romantic couple has an endless list of chill and convenient spots, while the corporate group will love the silent nights at the Edge, with sneak peeks to the vibrant outdoors. Singles will hardly be alone in the outdoors. 

The EDGE’s accommodation setup


The EDGE has rooms that will accommodate different budgets and living scenarios. The efficient floorplan setup is incredibly affordable and perfect for the candidate who does not have a strict need for a bedroom. It has a kitchen, bathroom, and dining area for quick mundane tasks and a springy lifestyle. Other rooms with a bigger floor plan house at least three people, with the availability of three bedrooms and two separate bathrooms.


The spread of rooms and bathrooms in the bigger floor plans allows couples to have an intimate time while maintaining space with any other live in person. Despite the varying floorplans, all rooms have spacious interior designs that foster comfort.


Apartments at 4th street in Louisville KY have complete furnishing. Each one has hardwood floors, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances that add to the elegance of the room.


Residents at The EDGE have an online chatting portal through the company’s official website. The EDGE understands that online life is just as viable as offline. You can trust that you will have a friendly indoor atmosphere due to the established online community.

How to get an apartment on The EDGE

Our rooms are available for lease to all qualified candidates. You can apply online and expect an immediate reply from our staff.


Apartments 4th Street Louisville KY
The Edge on 4
555 South 4th Street, Louisville, KY 40202

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