Apartments Downtown Louisville KY

One of the most significant decisions for people is the purchase of a property. Property is not only a significant increase in your patrimony. Choosing a home in a certain way will mark how your family will live from now on. Nowadays, there is a growing tendency to choose apartments as housing.

Vertical dwellings offer great comfort and convenience for the whole family. Within the various locations, the most convenient option is to buy the downtown apartment. You should know the advantages of obtaining a home in this strategic location.

Why Choose a Downtown Apartment?

First of all, when you live in the heart of the city, you will have a variety of transportation options. If you decide on an out-of-town location instead, you'll need a car to travel, and probably invest in a garage, with its respective associated costs.

You'll also need to adjust your schedules to avoid rush hour traffic jams. The car will be necessary for your daily chores, which implies a significant expense in fuel or electricity in the long run.

Another significant advantage of a downtown apartment is the multiple options and activities that downtown offers for your entertainment and fun. For example, the Edge on 4th offers extraordinary apartments downtown in Louisville KY. Located on 4th Avenue, you can have an urban lifestyle unparalleled in the region. Among them different plays, concerts, and the proximity to extraordinary places like the KFC Yum Center, the Waterfront Park, the Slugger Field, or the Whiskey Row.

Which Other Benefits Does an Extraordinary Downtown Apartment Offer?

  • Security: apartment complexes are staffed with 24/7 security personnel. This will give you the peace of mind of living safely, without having to hire a particular service, or having to invest in physical security systems.
  • Maintenance: the monthly fees paid among the inhabitants of the buildings allow the proper maintenance of facilities, common areas, and amenities. These costs are usually much lower than in private homes. Besides, they imply less work or worries for you, since you will not have to supervise the contracted services.
  • Space: by acquiring an apartment, you will be able to select the size according to your taste, budget, and convenience. For example, in the Edge on 4th, you can select floorplans ranging from cozy 560 SQ ft spaces to large properties that reach 1535 SQ ft.
  • Price: Apartments are properties that are generally cheaper than houses. This happens even if you opt for premium options such as the Edge on 4th.
  • Revaluation: keep in mind the opinion of real estate experts like Coldwell: “the areas that are developing more apartments have a very important added value”. Therefore from the moment you buy your apartment, this will increase its value due to high demand. This represents a much more advantageous investment than a property on the outskirts of the city, where demand is lower.

Get the Best Apartments Downtown in Louisville KY!

If you want to enjoy the best properties, with all the luxury and comfort you want and deserve, the Edge on 4th is your best choice. Get a privileged location, where you can enjoy everything this city has to offer. Request your guided tour, and select from the extraordinary options between 1 to three rooms that we have for you. It's time for you to make the best investment of your life, contact us.

Apartments Downtown Louisville KY
The Edge on 4
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